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MISSION STATEMENT: This Freight Broker Association will continuously work toward a common good for the truckload freight industry.  Seeking innovative approaches to solving problems and improving the services provided by and to both small and mid-sized Freight Brokerages.  Focusing on issues that are very important to Shippers, Carriers and Brokers.  Targeting components such as:  Days to pay, Insurance coverage, no Double Brokering, Ethics, On-time pick-up and Delivery, Claims management, Legal authority, Fair Profit Margins, Integrity, & more.  Following this path will allow our members to enhance their services, reduce costs, and increase business, resulting in a WIN for Shipper, a WIN for the Carrier and a WIN  for the Broker.  Ultimately this will be a WIN for the Consumer/The United States of America.




Annual Meeting: FBA Summit 2011: To Be Announced

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